Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ok ... Lady and Gents,

Are we out of the woods yet? The answer might surprise you, No. Unfortunately the market is still in the middle and it is trying to make its decision.  In my opinion I believe the market is making a decision based on its area of trading the past two weeks.

Currently, it seems that the market is building a bear flag, which means we will see some more down down side.  Tomorrow might be another down day, although today was a green day.

If the market breaks through the resistance there is a possibility that the market will grow again, however it currently seems like we are headed lower.

No swings yet only Day trades.

$TNA, $TZA and $DRV are good for day trades.  Do your homework though for the market does reflect edge while it whipsaws.

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Have a great week and Trade Smart!